Minneapolis College Interest Assessment
Welcome to the Minneapolis College Career Assessment Tool. This assessment will ask 42 yes or no questions.

I Like To...

1. Do puzzles?

2. Work on cars?

3. Attend concerts, theaters, or art exhibits?

4. Work in teams?

5. Organize things like files, offices or activities?

6. Set goals for myself?

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7. Build things?

8. Read fiction, poetry or plays?

9. Have clear instructions to follow?

10. Influence or persuade people?

11. Do experiments?

12. Teach or train people?

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13. Help people solve their problems?

14. Take care of animals?

15. Have my day structured?

16. Sell things?

17. Do creative writing?

18. Work on science projects?

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19. Take on new responsibilities?

20. Heal people?

21. Figure out how things work?

22. Put things together or assemble models?

23. Be creative?

24. Pay attention to details?

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25. Do filing or typing?

26. Learn about other cultures?

27. Analyze things like problems, situations or trends?

28 Play instruments or sing?

29. Dream about starting my own business?

30. Cook?

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31. Act in plays?

32. Think things through before making decisions?

33. Work with numbers or charts?

34. Have discussions about issues like politics or current events?

35. Keep records of my work?

36. Be a leader?

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37. Work outdoors?

38. Work in an office?

39. Work on math problems?

40. Help people?

41. Draw?

42. Give speeches?

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